August 30, 2010

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Геннадий Павленко said...

Hi Katie!
Thanks for sharing such beautiful piece of art!
In Russia we call the way you shooting "metaphisical photography". I try to do the same way. Take a look
I'd be happy to here what do you think about this?
Best regards,
Gennadij (sorry for Russian in my site)

anabella said...

i like this

Alex Ingram said...

I love this blog, I cant wait to photogarph Brooklyn.
Be sure to follow mine at and follow me on twitter at tuxandtie
Thanks Alex

Return to My Blogg said...

different colours are unique!
that's the building in your photo!

Ratz said...

This one is my favourite

Natural Spain said...

pretty one! I love the way you shoot!
This one remember me this one of may own...

Take a look, you will love it!
Thanks 4 sharing your photos with the world!


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